Parkinson's Disease Resources

GAPS-June-2023-Vendor Fair-5Discover a wealth of knowledge and assistance on our resources pages, your go-to destination for comprehensive information related to Parkinson’s disease in the Georgetown area. Here, we’ve gathered a valuable collection of resources designed to empower and support individuals and families affected by Parkinson’s.

Our resources pages offer a wide range of educational materials, articles, links to local healthcare providers, information about upcoming events, and more. Whether you’re seeking answers about Parkinson’s, looking for local support services, or wanting to stay informed about the latest research and treatments, this page is your reliable source.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to make informed decisions and improve your quality of life while navigating the challenges of Parkinson’s disease. Explore our resources pages to access a wealth of information and feel more confident in your journey with the Georgetown Area Parkinson’s Support Group by your side.

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