Movement Disorder Specialists

There are many great neurologists and many that see Parkinson’s patients; however, we highly recommend a neurologist that is trained in the specialty referred to as a “movement disorder specialist neurologist”!

A movement disorder specialist is a neurologist who has received additional training in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other movement disorders including dystonia, chorea, tics and tremors.  Whereas a general neurologist may treat patients with any of more than 100 neurological conditions, a movement disorder specialist focuses primarily on Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders.  The benefit of seeing a movement disorder specialist, often affiliated with a major university or teaching hospital, is that they are usually on the cutting-edge of knowledge and treatment of PD and other movement disorders and are often best equipped to tailor a plan of care for you and your specific needs.

Movement Disorder physicians in our area:

And, here is a link to suggestions on how to prepare to meet your physician:

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